• Image of Kim Reaper issue 3 signed

Kim Reaper is my new series published by Oni Press!
Comics are signed by myself and come in a sleeve with backing board.
Issues will go on my online shop a month after they have gone on sale in shops. The best way to support the series is to tell your local comic shop to order this in for you, so if that's possible please do! Issue 3 is in shops 14th June, and will be available on my online shop from 14th July.

"Did you know that there's an official board of Grim Reapers? It'd help Kim if there was also Human Resources at her job, as it's becoming more and more apparent she's unaware of the consequences of her profession. When given the task to reap the soul of someone she knows, what will happen if she refuses? If she crashes this party on Friday, will anyone notice? Kim's starting to wish she could transfer from being a Grim Reaper to being a psychic, as everything is starting to feel uncertain and dangerous."

Justin Roiland, Co-Creator of Rick and Morty
“It’s insane but also grounded by the human emotion known as love. Sarah’s silly comedic voice is on full display right here in this here book! I can’t wait to see where the series goes!”

Jhonen Vasquez, Creator of Invader ZIM
“I read the first issue (because I’m from the future) and it made a terrible noise come out of my face-hole. That noise… was laughins.”

More info, blurbs and reviews for Kim Reaper can be read here: http://sarahgraley.com/comics/kim-reaper/

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